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Balance seat

Humantool balance seat is an innovation made in Finland that changes the understanding of sedentary work. This is a simple, effective and ergonomic tool for people with sedentary work.

Balance seat trains deep back muscles and makes sitting more comfortable for all day.   

 Functionality of the seat

This is the solution for back pains and also the key to the proper posture. Balance seat learns how to  rotate your pelvis in right directions.

 Humantool balance seat is hand made from durable and high quality materials.

  • Your current, traditional chair is transformed to a saddle chair with all its’ benefits; 
  • The seat will teach you a correct, vigorous and an upright position;
  • It is anatomically correctly designed;
  • The ball construction makes the motion of the seat possible to all directions;
  • Swinging and balancing activate different muscles during the working time without noticing;
  • The Humantool Balance seat maintains and improves your physical condition and welfare during your working day.

With Humantool Balance seat you can do both heavy or light exercises, for instance the seat is very popular among sportsmens. Also, it can be used as a recovering and relaxing method. 


The seat is designed for any type of chairs. Due to a specific base You can use balance seat on the softer base chairs too. 


 Movement is a therapy! 

The most common reason for absence from work is back pain. This is due to the lack of movement caused by constant sitting position.

In order to prevent health problems due to prolonged, irregular sitting is recommended to use Humantool balance seat.


Benefits for health  

  • Trunk muscle strengthening;
  • Sitting on the saddle-shaped seat reduces the tension in the back parts which have been stiffened in the unnatural sitting position;
  • Maintaining physiological spinal curves lets distribute load along the spine;
  • Sitting in the correct position reduces pressure of the spinal nerve roots;
  • Improves metabolism and blood circulation;
  • Pelvic position is neutral - physiological. 

Weight: 600 g.

  • Easy to clean;
  • A hand-made product from durable materials;
  • A guaranteed Finland quality;
  • 2 year warranty.

Move with Humantool! 

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