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Balance Spot standing mat


  This elastic, comfortably breathable, and ergonomic mat maintains the well-being of your legs and entire body.

The Humantool Balance Spot standing mat is an anti-fatigue mat with a cellular structure.It functions as an extremely elastic and breathable base for anyone who wants standing to feel good.  

 The flexible structure of the mat maintains movement and provides natural exercise for your entire body. 

Health benefits:

  • Reduce swelling of the legs – the large muscles in the thighs and buttocks become activated, which improves the return circulation in the veins;
  • Decrease fatigue to the feet and legs by improving the circulation and metabolism;
  • Boost the consumption of energy, meaning an increase in the burning of fat;
  • Strengthen the small muscles and nerve pathways in the feet;
  • By balancing on a flexible mat, activate the deep core muscles of the trunk;
  • Activate the pelvic area, thereby helping to maintain neutral posture for the neck and shoulder area;

Other features:

  • A hook for hanging: While you are sitting or cleaning the floors, the mat can be conveniently hung at the edge of the desk with the hook included in the delivery.
  • Easy cleaning: Just brush, hoover, or wash with water.
  • The Balance Spot mat is manufactured from environment- friendly and completely recyclable materials.
  • Made in Finland of high quality materials
  • Does not contain nitrile materials (PVC).

Size 64 x 46 cm

Thickness 3 cm  

Weight 500 g

Colors: grey and black

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