OrtoFlex L2

OrtoFlexL2 is a motorized device designed for continuous passive mobilization of the knee and hip (CPM Continuous Passive Motion), it is a perfect complement to the improvement process under hospital conditions, as well as during independent rehabilitation at home. The CPM simulator avoids the negative consequences of immobilization, helps the patient regain painless joint motility and allows positive functional results. It can be used immediately after surgery.


Knee endoprostheses
Hip endoprostheses
Corrective osteotomy
Intra-articular procedures
Joint arthroscopy
Reconstruction procedures for cruciate ligaments
Mobilization of the joint after long immobilization
Procedures affecting soft tissue around joints
Injuries and sprains of joints.

The main benefits of using a passive knee joint trainer are:

Prevents knee stiffness and adhesions.
Promotes healing of articular cartilage, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues.
Improves fluid absorption.
Reducing pain.
Improves joint metabolism.
Accelerates lymph and blood circulation.
Prophylactic treatment for thrombosis and embolism.
Reduces hospital and treatment time.


Two touch screens: on the remote control and home screen
The main screen works independently, allowing you to control the device without a remote control
3 exercise programs
9 speeds
Option to set the device’s working time
Option to set the bending angle and extension
Option to set torque control
Option to change the direction of movement during exercise
Emergency button.

Angle of knee mobility range from -5° to 120°
Angle of hip mobility range from 25° to 100°
Angle of ankle mobility range from 0° to 40°
Setting range for the femur from 32 to 49 cm
Setting range for the shinbone from 25 to 57 cm
Power supply 100-240V/ 50/60 Hz

Elements: main unit with touch panel, remote control with touch panel, power cord.

Length: 95 cm
Width: 32 cm
Height: 36 cm – 45 cm
Weight: 12 kg

OrtoFlex L2 price: 3900 Eur with VAT
Delivery time: 2 – 4 savaitės

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