FlexitSystem® is an innovative and ergonomic solution for High Tibial Opening Wedge Osteotomy. Developed in collaboration with the medical professionals, the new generation of implants allows to facilitate and shorten surgical procedures, and help patients to recover early mobility.

– Mechanical strength and elasticity provided by titanium alloy (TA6V for plates and screws);
– Optimized design shape to absorb the strengths;
– Secure locking system;
– Early weight-bearing;
– Mini-invasive implants under the skin;
– Easy to remove after bone healing.

Flexit System® plates are in two sizes, created to adapt as close to the
patient’s anatomy as possible. This innovative implant is also an alternative
to the knee prosthesis fitting by ensuring good results in the short or long
Effective implant technology and improved implant design allow clinicians
to successfully integrate FlexitSystem® into their practice by bringing a
real improvement concerning the technical level and the patient’s comfort.

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