Humantool Oy was founded in 1984. More than 30 years of experience as developer of healthcare products and cooperation with Finnish healthcare experts have provided with insights and knowledge on the functions of the human body and its needs. As offset to the Western lifestyle, our body requires physical activity and training – Humantool products support and activate our body’s natural motions, and maintain our mobility and spinal structure.

Humantool continuous efforts to improve the human everyday life conditions have resulted in numerous useful innovations for home and office application – from office tools to backrests for fighter pilots. In-house production in close proximity to our customers ensures our flexibility. Finnish craftsmanship and high-quality materials ensure satisfied users. All products are hand produced in the own factory.


Humantool balance seat is  an innovation made in Finland that changes the understanding of sedentary work. This is a simple, effective and ergonomic tool for people with sedentary work.

Balance seat trains deep back muscles and makes sitting more comfortable for all day.


This is the solution for back pains and also the key to the proper posture. Balance seat learns how to rotate your pelvis in right directions.

Humantool balance seat is hand made from durable and high quality materials.

  • Your current, traditional chair is transformed to a saddle chair with all its benefits;
  • Swinging and balancing activate different muscles during the working time without noticing;
  •  The seat will teach you a correct, vigorous and an upright position;
  • The Humantool Balance seat maintains and improves your physical condition and welfare during your working day.

With With Humantool Balance seat you can do both heavy or light exercises, for instance the seat is very popular among sportsmens. Also, it can be used as a recovering and relaxing method.

The seat is designed for any type of chairs. Due to a specific base You can use balance seat on the softer base chairs too.

Movement is therapy!

The most common reason for absence from work is back pain. This is due to the lack of movement caused by constant sitting position..

In order to prevent health problems due to prolonged, irregular sitting is recommended to use Humantool balance seat.

Benefits for health

  • Trunk muscle strengthening;
  • Sitting on the saddle-shaped seat reduces the tension in the back parts which have been stiffened in the unnatural sitting position;
  • Maintaining physiological spinal curves lets distribute load along the spine;
  • Sitting in the correct position reduces pressure of the spinal nerve roots;
  • Improves metabolism and blood circulation;
  • Pelvic position is neutral – physiological.

Weight: 600 g.

  • Easy to clean;
  • A hand-made product from durable materials;
  • Guaranteed quality from Finland;
  • 2 year warranty.

Kaina:  168,00 Eur


The ergonomics, originally developed for pilots, were adapted to the requirements posed by car seats and office chairs. 


Humantool Pilot Spot brings the back into a supportive upright position and thus straightens the spine. This upright posture serves to minimize strain in back, shoulders, and neck.


Humantool Pilot Spot acts as bearing, which the back rests upon while being in continuous light motion. This serves to activate all back muscles and the entire metabolism.

Adjustable: to fit with all kinds of seats

  • suitable for drivers;
  • to office chairs;
  • take it with you when you travel;
  • quick fixing and releasing;
  • infinitely variable and simple height adjustment;
  • special feature of viscoelastic cushioning Pharma Foam: weight balancing effects;
  • ventilation ducts reduce perspiration;
  • washable cover.

Price: 98,00 Eur


This elastic, comfortably breathable, and ergonomic mat maintains the well-being of your legs and entire body.

The Humantool Balance Spot standing mat is an anti-fatigue mat with a cellular structure. It functions as an extremely elastic and breathable base for anyone who wants standing to feel good.

The flexible structure of the mat maintains movement and provides natural exercise for your entire body.

Health benefits:

  • Reduce swelling of the legs – the large muscles in the thighs and buttocks become activated, which improves the return
    circulation in the veins;;
  • Decrease fatigue to the feet and legs by improving the circulation and metabolism;
  • Boost the consumption of energy, meaning an increase in the burning of fat;
  • Strengthen the small muscles and nerve pathways in the feet;
  • By balancing on a flexible mat, activate the deep core muscles of the trunk;
  • Activate the pelvic area, thereby helping to maintain neutral posture for the neck and shoulder area;

Other features:

  • A hook for hanging while the mat is not being used;
  • Esay to clean;
  • Made in Finland of high quality materials;
  • Does not contain nitrile materials (PVC);
  • 2 year warranty

Technical features:

  • Size 64 x 46 cm, thickness 3 cm
  • Weight: 500 g.
  • Colors: Graf. grey

Price: 119,00 Eur

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