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The benefits of cryotherapy for athletes.

Muscle recovery, restoration of damaged cells and feeling of well-being which has a positive effect on the quality of sleep.
We must, however, make a point of remark concerning studies which seem to warn against the generalization for all and in all circumstances of the benefits, because for some the cold would prevent the natural phenomenon of reaction of evacuation of waste post effort. To be continued, but it is certain that the cold is today an essential element in the management of post-exercise muscle fatigue.

Apart from improving recovery, here are the other indications:

*Inflammatory rheumatism of joints and spine.
*Degenerative rheumatism of joints and spine.
*Articular rheumatism.
*Chronic painful states (fibromyalgia).
*Disorder of muscle tone regulation in cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and muscle contracture.
*Psoriasis with or without joint damage.
*Bruises, strains, post-surgical operations of the joints and spine, lesions of the musculoskeletal and supporting apparatus
*Optimization of sports performance and in medical rehabilitation.

Cold or cryotherapy at the service of athletes why?

The brain and in particular the region of the hypothalamus manages thermal regulation. The mandatory goal is to keep our body temperature constant at 37┬░C. If you voluntarily and quickly expose your body to the cold, the brain will react and "order" a defense reaction by reducing heart rate, increasing blood pressure (BP) and constricting the vessels (vasoconstriction). Then after returning to normal temperature, the body will regulate itself symmetrically, thus promoting CQFD recovery! Cold is used against inflammation and pain.
Cold is used in sports medicine to improve the management of injuries thanks to a thermal shock that lowers the skin temperature from 35┬░ to 12┬░ without dropping below 7┬░.

The application of cold has many positive effects:

*Analgesic (against pain)
*Vasoconstrictor (contracts the vessels and limits the spread of inflammation)
*Reduction of edema (limits swelling)
*Faster reconstruction of damaged muscle cells.
It is all of these properties of cold that improve recovery and reduce the harmful effects of overtraining, in particular the appearance of aches.
Advantages of cold #Freezsnow®, #Ambelio the cryotherapy expert.
Long-lasting cold: 1 hours
Reusable and can be stored permanently in the freezer before or between two uses.
Non-aggressive and constant for the skin: unlike conventional gel packs, Freezsnow® restores mild cold (between 0°C and 5°C) thus avoiding the risk of burns or tissue damage.
Malleable and adapted to the morphology: specially studied and segmented to adapt to the morphology of the patient. Different shapes of pouches are thus available depending on the indications (knee, ankle, shoulder). Malleable and flexible right out of the freezer, Freezsnow® allows easy use of the cold.

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