CPM (Passive Motion Knee Trainer) Rent

CPM (Passive Motion Knee Trainer)

Passive Movement Knee Simulator – A therapy device used to mobilize the knee joint. Suitable for use in clinics and home nursing / rental programs. The CPM simulator avoids the negative consequences of immobilization, helps the patient regain painless joint motility and allows positive functional results. It can be used immediately after surgery or as early as the first week after surgery.

The main benefits of using a passive knee joint trainer are:

Prevents knee stiffness and adhesions.
Promotes healing of articular cartilage, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues.
Improves fluid absorption.
Reducing pain.
Improves joint metabolism.
Accelerates lymph and blood circulation.
Prophylactic treatment for thrombosis and embolism.
Reduces hospital and treatment time.

Minimum rent duration 1 week


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