PULLUP system

PULLUP is a juxtacortical fixation device for soft tissue and quadrupled ST grafts in ACL reconstructions.

PULLUP system


Composed of a titanium plate (endobutton) and pre-mounted braids, PULLUP is a reproducible, simple and safe system. A blind tunnel from 15 mm and a cortical tunnel of 4.5 mm diameter promote bone preservation while ensuring a strong and rigid fixation. Available in a single adjustable size, its implantation requires no tunnel length planning and provides stable locking. PULLUP also exists in XL version with a longer plate for adjustable fixation in classic tibial tunnels.


Plate in titanium.

  • Strong and rigid fixation;
  • Compatible with classic soft tissue grafts and quadrupled ST graftss;
  • External traction of the graft;
  • Reliable flip;
  • Adjustable loop length;
  • Controlled blocking of the graft at the end of the tunnel;
  • Reliable locking;
  • X-ray compatible.
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