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ORTHONOV cold kits combine cryotherapy with modulated static compression.


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Easy to apply, its technology consists of applying compressive cold during recovery and/or healing sessions, commonly recommended in the days following an injury or post-operation.

It is well known that external static compression with ice increases the effectiveness of the cold to be diffused deeper into the joint.

A unique new concept where the compression chamber is directly integrated into the cold pack, making it much easier to use. This new technology makes it easier to carry out 20-30 minute cryotherapy-compressive recovery sessions. These portable devices are very practical to use at home or when travelling.

For athletes, this will ease musculoskeletal pain immediately after their matches or competitions and enable them to recover optimally, thereby reducing the time they spend out of competition due to pain, injury, fatigue, etc.


  • Limiting bleeding and hematoma in popliteal fossae
  • Relieving pain
  • Reducing edema
  • Compatible with one day surgery
  • Easy to use at home


Today’s most user-friendly system: “cold pack” and “compression chamber” combined in a single device.

  • Compression multiplies the effects of cold
  • Cold packs remain flexible to adapt to body shape even at -4°F (-20°C)
  • No frost to avoid skin burns
  • Hypoallergenic Lycra with tightened mesh (included)
  • Anterior and posterior cold packs allow 360° coverage around the knee
  • Freezer bag with zip slider for easy opening/closing (included)
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