Biomechanics of Bodies

Biomechanics of Bodies (​BoB) is a biomechanical modelling package that contains a human musculoskeletal model. BoB enables the calculation of muscle forces and joint contact loads, ground reaction forces, the calculation of anatomical trajectories, centre of mass trajectories, together with a muscle editor and extensive visualisation capabilities. ​BoB has been downloaded by over 400 research and commercial organisations worldwide.

All stored data files can be directly accessed by MATLAB.


Recording real-time data for analysis:

      • Athletic performance;
      • Sports equipment design;
      • Consumer product design;
      • Ergonomics and human factors;
      • Multiple subjects;
      • non-life critical healthcare and much more.

Easy data importing from:

      • C3D (Vicon, CodaMotion, Qualisys, BTS);
      • HPF from Delsys;
      • MVNx from Xsens;
      • calc from Perception Neuron;
      • BVH from Rokoko;
      • Text file;
      • User defined equations.
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