Qualisys motion analysis is designed to measure all aspects of human motion. A major benefit of motion analysis is improved clinical decision-making. Using objective data collected by motion analysis systems, physicians can determine the most appropriate surgery, physical therapy, or other treatment to correct each person’s gait problem or other movement disorder.

Qualisys products have been developed and manufactured in Sweden for over 30 years. Together with specialized software modules, the system offers a complete motion capture solution. The 3D movement analysis system is widely used worldwide by scientists, biomechanics specialists, physiotherapists, and doctors.

Abili Offers:

  • Presentation of Qualisys motion analysis system.
  • Installation of equipment indoors and outdoors, also underwater.
  • Advice and assistance in arranging Qualisys cameras in different spaces and choosing the right equipment.
  • Advice and assistance in installing 3D motion analysis system software.
  • Practical demonstration, from installation to testing.
  • Presentation of analysis modules: running, gait, functional analysis, and others.


The system consists of 8 to 12 Qualisys motion capture cameras, depending on the size and design of the laboratory. The system can be synchronized with force platforms, EMG, and eye-tracking equipment.

Qualisys offers two camera model lines:


The compact Miqus series, equipped with all important basic functions, is designed for general use in clinics, research, ergonomics, and sports science.

Miqus Hybrid

With the Miqus hybrid camera, you can perform both marker-based and marker-less motion analysis.


The Miqus camera is the smallest and most refined example of Qualisys motion capture cameras so far. „Miqus“ are three models:  „M1“ (1 MP), „M3“ (2 MP) and „M5“ (4 MP).

Miqus Video

Miqus Video is a native video camera for use with your Qualisys motion capture camera system. It streams synchronized video and gives you perfectly aligned reference video to complement your movement data.


The Arqus series is designed for high-end and high-precision applications in various complex laboratory, industrial and field conditions.

Arqus serie

The Arqus series offers motion capture cameras that are suitable for all applications, both indoor and outdoor. The 5+, 6+ and 7+ cameras are designed to measure accurate motion data with very low latency and work with both active and passive markers.


Qualisys underwater cameras are the world’s only commercially available optical motion capture cameras for underwater use. Measure everything underwater, such as ship models, water sports, animation, and more.

Analysis Modules

Qualisys offers a wide selection of motion analysis modules. Analysis modules – everything you need to easily streamline your workflow from data collection to finished reports.

How it works?

Analysis Report

A reporting platform allows you to interact with motion capture data. The platform consists of a report center and web reports that include motion data, video, and 3D images in a single document.

Reports contain charts, metrics, video, and a 3D viewer. Playback is synchronized and a time indicator in the charts helps you know exactly which part of a movement you are looking at. You can interactively explore your data in the report: Switch charts to display mean curves or all movement cycles, overlay left and right body sides to check symmetry, and more.

From analysis to recomendation

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